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How to Improve the Competitiveness of Plastic Products Enterprises

May 8, 2023

At present, the demand for plastic products in China is increasing day by day, and there are also quite a few enterprises engaged in plastic product production. Small and medium-sized enterprises can establish a company to produce related products as long as they have certain technology and sufficient funds. For example, PE plastic bags, blow molded products, and injection molded products have low entry barriers, low technical requirements, and high market competition. Most enterprises can only rely on small profits and high sales to maintain their operations.


In order to win a place in the fiercely competitive market, enterprises often think of cost control: lower employee expenses, less investment in technology research and development, and the use of secondary materials instead of pure materials for production. Little did they know that taking such measures would actually be more detrimental to the development of the enterprise, as employees may choose to leave due to low salaries; Technology cannot keep up, and the company's products cannot compete with other companies in the market; The use of secondary materials limits the possibility of enterprises entering a larger market.


Technological innovation is difficult for most enterprises. Cost control has become a helpless choice for the vast majority of enterprises. So, how to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise itself while controlling costs?


The use of filler masterbatch makes it possible to reduce costs without affecting product quality.


Ecoplas's Injection Filler PPF-601 can ensure the endurance and strength of the injection by adding a certain proportion of PPF-601 filler masterbatch based on actual testing conditions during injection production. The higher the addition ratio, the more significant the cost reduction effect.


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Plastic product filling masterbatch PPF-601 is suitable for injection molding and blow molding. This product belongs to the high filling and low-cost filling masterbatch, with a large filling amount and minimal impact on product performance. It can shorten the molding cycle, improve production efficiency, and have good dispersion ability. It can be used for large blow molded products (such as plastic barrels), and injection molded products (daily necessities such as hangers and washbasins).


Referring to the above table, it can be found that adding a certain proportion of filling masterbatch in the production process of plastic products can effectively reduce costs, and most importantly, it will not affect the performance of the product, fully meeting the needs of enterprises to reduce costs.


The market is constantly changing and competition is fierce. Only by selecting good suppliers and high-quality products can enterprises remain invincible in the complex market competition.